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The testimonials presented below were not solicited and are presented exactly as they were received. For most citations quoted here, English was not the native tongue of the people who wrote them. So, while grammar and vocabulary are not 'BBC English', the international 'accents' that can be discerned provide a unique & colourful perspective.



As usual it was a great pleasure to have you again within the Spine & Navigation team and we really thank you for your tremendous contribution. For sure we will leverage your material and I'm sure that it will be well appreciated by the team. Thank you again!


I would like to thank you again for the very productive and challenging two training days we spent with you here in Switzerland. We highly appreciated your professionalism and your "Irish" humor! All the team gave a very positive feed-back and now everybody understand a little bit more about marketing (finally!)!.


Amedeo Decoro

HR Director

Medtronic Switzerland


I am currently attending our Quarterly Sales & Marketing Meeting and had the opportunity to discuss again with some of the attendees of our strategic workshop. I noticed that they have now a different mind set and also eager to put the theory into practice... Thanks a lot for your valuable contribution.


Henri Pierre Ferret

Marketing Director

Medtronic Switzerland



It was truly a great pleasure to see you again. Thank so much for your lecture which is, as usual, not only highly instructive and beneficial but also amazingly enjoyable. Thanks again, Professor! We will keep you informed with our progress in marketing excellence.


Excellent teamwork, team spirit, professor's message was clear, good real-life examples from other industries


Ming Liu

Product Manager

Medtronic Switzerland



This  tool will allow market to have a quick analyses of Spinal segment/pathologies treatments and will give a quick analyses of strong/weak products position against competition and regarding customer needs


J.C. Moreau

Product Manager

Medtronic Switzerland



Thank you very much for the very enlightening 3 days last week. We have all gained a lot and hopefully, are wiser and will be even more effective in our work. 


Sally May Tan

Marketing Services & Strategy Manager

BP Asia Pacific



i would like to say thank you for having the chance to participate in your marketing course.

i studied marketing several years ago at university but what i have learned in these 10 days is absolutely outstanding.


Michael Hill

Aral, Germany



Thank you again for your spectacular performance last week - I really appreciated the opportunity to get to see your teaching and was happy to have seen such a successful workshop go ahead.


Amelie Villeneuve

Business Development

Duke Corporate Education



Thank you very much for an outstanding session in Dubai last week. Really appreciate the enthusiasm and hard work on your part.


Konstantin Babourine

Derivatives Origination and Marketing
Energy Risk Products
Integrated Supply and Trading (IST) – BP


Thanks again for a most unforgettable course ( I can't remember laughing that much in 5 days!)


Celine Amoyal

BP Ultimate Manager




Thanks a million for the wealth of information you deposited in me. The week we spent together was worth it all the way.


You have changed the way I used to see things and now I'm a better well rounded person.



Sipho K Simelane

BP Southern Africa

Category Manager


Something else I picked up from you class was the intense use of data in the marketing world. One of the aspects of being successful with a work management system is the collection of data, but more importantly doing something with it after you collect it. My view is that we might learn something from "marketing guru's" to help sell folk on the possibilities. Once again, thanks for the efforts on the class. You were exceptional!

Brian Johnson

BP E&P Digital & Communications Technology


Just wanted to say thanks again for a fantastic course this week. You brought the whole subject of marketing, market segmentation, brand and customer focus to life and the 4 days flew by for me.


Jonathan Holt

Head of Information Management Solutions

BP E&P Digital & Communications Technology 


Just wanted you to know again that I really enjoyed your class. Afterwards, I find myself really thinking in terms of market dynamics more as a matter of course.


Diane Loomis

Advanced Collaboration Group

Market Management and Planning

Lotus Software, IBM Software Group



… thanks for your energy during this week, I liked your approach and consistent usage of Industry and Market facts and examples related to the learning.


Phil Hurford


Promotions Marketing / Promotion Action Board / Processes / Planning IBM EMEA Marketing



Thank you so much for your presentation. I already distributed  it to all the class mates. I also want to take this opportunity to  thank you for your excellent lecture last week. We are so lucky to have a teacher like you with both good academic background and working experience.


Pu Xue ( Grace Pu )

Technology Marketing, SWG , IBM PRC



This is just a quick note to thank you for the program you've given us during 2/5-9.  I have learned a lot from you & I am now participating in a marketing planning project for webserver



Deana Ya-hsiu Peng

Distribution Channels Management

Marketing, IBM Japan, Ltd.



Let me first tell you that I really enjoyed the class and especially the way you teached us. All these customer stories really helped a lot to understand - I would say - the principles of marketing. And as you said - best is to practice it! I only can repeat - this was a very enjoyable week!!!


Roland Peisl

IBM MQSeries Brand Team



I would like to say thank you again for very good workshop, making my people interested and all expertise you have shared with us.


Barbara Napiorkowska

BMO Manager

Microsoft Poland



It was a pleasure meeting and working with you. You have no idea how influential you have been on the group. Besides the obvious insight into economics and marketing clearly the team was listening and paid attention to your presentations.


Andre Lalande
Business Creation Team Projection Television
Director, Product Planning
Philips Consumer Electronics USA



Would like to thank you very much for a truly worthwhile seminar in Groenendael last week. Particularly, I did like the strong focus on real case studies and the sharing of your profound industry insight gained as an advisor to Global Players over the years. I hope I will succeed in taking the benefits of this 'eye-opener' into my everyday working life.


Burkhard Bauer

System Marketing Manager In-Vehicle Networking

Philips Semiconductors Marketing and Sales



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